About Us

We are a team with a huge international experience in the development and application of advanced IT solutions for boosting innovations in dynamic and networked business environments. One of our main assets is our huge social network, that help us in gathering new ideas/experiences and expanding our customer base. We like to challenge status quo and develop new, Disruptive Technologies which improves Your business Efficiency and ensures it’s Competitiveness. Well-being and Development of Members of Our Team are the Crucial parts of Our Goals, NOT a means to an end.


We provide innovative solutions for challenging, real-time big data problems in various application scenarios. We develop adaptive real-time cyber-physical systems, based on our patent-pending technology for dynamic monitoring of huge real-time streams.


Regional leaderships give us a chance to be competitive on the global level
Orientation toward novel technologies ensures the future of our business and the freshness of our ideas
Only innovative companies will survive. We will help the you to survive
Dynamic and networked business environments are very challenging


We participate in research projects as software integration, development or validation partner or as a provider of use cases from various application domains.
We have collaborated with several leading research and industry organizations in different projects and various application domains.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence